E² Tech4Cities Brokerage Event 2018

Proposé par Portail / Portaal
7 Juin 2018
E² Tech4Cities Brokerage Event 2018
Portail Construction Durable / Portaal Duurzame Bouwen
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E²Tech4Cities 2018 – Energy & Efficiency Technologies for Cities is back with a 4th editon of its highly visible brokerage event organized by Enterprise Europe Brussels.

With the 4th edition of E²Tech4Cities2018, hub.brussels organizes a pitching session where startups can meet large corporations and financial organization as potential investors in order to facilitate business opportunities.

Apply for the Pitching session (Deadline 30th of April 2018)

In practice

Pre-selected entrepreneurs will pitch to the investor panel, followed by questions and feedback from the panel.

You will have the opportunity to interact with the investors and large corporates of the event during the networking meetings after the panel session.

How to apply

1) Register to our brokerage with a profile and market place and selecting pitching session

2) Send your project idea to: eangiolini@hub.brussels by 30th April 2018.

Please check our suggested application criteria to have an idea and further details

Maximum eight projects will be pre-selected by the investors panel and hub.brussels team.

Non-selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to hold pre-scheduled meetings during the Bilateral Meetings sessions


SMEs – START-up with disruptive project ideas

Seal of excellence and SME instrument beneficiaries

More Info?

For further details please contact Elena Angiolini

Email: eangiolini@hub.brussels

Phone number: +32 2 800 0842